laughing dog art studio

Laughing Dog Philosophy

The creatures we share our daily lives and homes with connecting us to live through bonds nurtured in the nonverbal landscape, marked by the energies we share. Our pets teach us how to love with more honesty. Through their creatureness, we become more exquisitely human.

This way of thinking deeply informs my work. More than a simple commissioned pet portrait, I try to “listen” and “see” the relationship between a person and their pet by considering a collage of stories, memories, and photos you, my client, provide. From this information, I strive to create a visual representation of the bond you experience with your pet.

Who will you be working with?

Cindy Short

Cindy returned to college as an adult, having completed her BA and MFA after the age of 40. As an artist and educator, Cindy engages creative strategies, using collaborative projects, public performance, and traditional aesthetic conventions, to connect with our personal stories of place
, relationships, and history.

"I am never short of amazed—and so grateful—for the many the ways our pets teach us to be more human, and unceasingly lead us to recognize our shared
creatureness. In my work with pet portraiture, I privilege this connection through what I learn about people and their pets--from the images they send, to the stories they share. This informs the choices I make for the painting, and creates a process for the work that is meaningful and enjoyable for me"